Thigh Trimmer


Bailiesfit Thigh Trimmer is selectively modified into an advanced thigh trimmer and lower waist trimmer combined in a single product.

Premium Quality: Made with High Grade, Latex-Free Neoprene Material that is extra thick and double stitched for durability.

It is designed to increase thermogenic activity to sweat more and get Sculpted!

Stays in Place: Features an inner grid lining that will prevent slipping during your workout. The inner lining will also repel sweat and odors/bacteria.

Superior Support: The increased heat and compression will keep muscles loose and help prevent hamstring and quad injuries.

Extra strong Velcro strap to ensure the thigh trimmer doesn’t come undone during your exercise.

Unisex - Thermogenic - Helps reduce water weight

Targets thighs and lower waist

Soft and Stretchy

Increase Circulation

Thigh Compression Support - The grid lining will not only repel moisture but limits slipping & bunching during activities.

Universal Size- Contoured flexible waist and thigh belts that have adjustable Velcro straps.

Made to fit snug but comfortable to wear during any activity. The Thigh Trimmer wraps can be worn over or under clothing.



Three fasten Velcro straps and a waist belt.

Adjustable straps for a snug fit.

One size fits most (up to XXL).

Very comfortable for bedtime or just lounging around the house.

Machine wash and lay flat to dry.

Waist strap fits up to 0-48 waist as strap adjusts.

Leg straps are 37 inches long, also adjustable.


Reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Trims appearance of thighs.

Help shed excess water weight.

Keeps muscles warm.

Spot train your thighs.

Great for working out.

Tone your thighs while losing inches.

Lifts Butt.


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Customer Reviews

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Keeshia Togiai

Thigh Trimmer

Best investment

If I made any wrong decisions in my lifetime, then know that investing in this thigh eraser was NOT one of them. Love how it fits (super comfortable) and feels (don’t itch with it on) durning my work outs and best of all customer service was super sweet and very helpful! Glad I went for it and got this.